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Bond Brothers Beer Company Run Club

The white noise went quiet (this is what really woke me) and was replaced by the sound of chimes going off for my wake-up alarm. My skull was as heavy as lead and my eyes did not want to open and face the day. Too early. 5:45 a.m. I watched a motivational video the day before about how to break the habit of procrastinating. When you decide to do something, say like get out of bed, you actually have about five seconds before you truly decide if you’re really going to do it or not. I told myself I was not going to hit the snooze button and before I could let my brain decide otherwise, I quickly jumped out of bed.

Today was deployment day. The day that we put all the code and batch files and database changes into production. Pull down the old and replace it with the new. This was a very high profile project and making sure it ran smoothly was important. It represented many months of work by a large team. I was driving from Winston-Salem to Raleigh this morning to hang out with my friend and co-worker Gary so we could do the deployment together. After a quick shower, I had my backpack, laptop, and a bag with my running clothes and shoes. I decided to grab the Ghost 9’s even though they seemed to be the cause of the tendon pain on my right foot. They don’t tend to bother me until I hit at least 4-5 miles and I wouldn’t be doing more than that tonight. I wasn’t sure if we would run, actually, but knowing Gary there was a good chance of it. By 4:30 p.m. everything was in production and configured except for the database changes. A few passive aggressive instant messages to a project manager and we put the pressure on the person responsible for putting the new code in place. We went out to the parking lot to grab our running gear and hoped everything would be finished by time we came back inside. Sure enough everything was in place and we quickly changed into our gear in the bathroom and packed up our laptops. Gary suggested the Bond Brothers run club. It was just a few miles from the office and we headed that direction.

We arrived about an hour before the run was scheduled to start and the parking lot and street was already filled with cars. This was my first trip to Bond Brothers and I was very impressed with the set-up. There is a nice patio that was filled with a mix of runners and non-runners. Many run clubs seem to be dominated by the runners as they tend to be on the slower nights, like Tuesday and Wednesday, but this crowd was about evenly split between the two. We wandered around and explored the place for a few minutes, including checking out the brewery from behind a large window they have at the end of the bar. We found the computers to register our new accounts and checked-in for the run. We grabbed route cards and Gary dropped his keys in the bucket. They had 3 and 5 mile routes and, looking at both, they were a little confusing. We decided to keep it simple and get to know the area and opted for the 3 mile run. The print was so small that there was no way I was going to be able to read that while running in the waning light. I figured that there would be a group that I could follow and not to worry about the map.

We saw a few small groups that were returning from running early. It was still 20 minutes before the group was scheduled to head out and the daylight was quickly fading. We decided to go out before it got completely dark. A couple of other runners joined us as we headed down the street and away from the brewery. The brewery is in a small, industrial feeling pocket near downtown Cary. Just a block away and we were already in the downtown area. The weather was a beautiful low 70s without any humidity. The kind of days you only find in the South during rare stretches in early spring and late fall. We ran by sidewalk cafes and small business over red brick sidewalks. My heart rate stayed in the minus 145 range for the first mile and a half but then my alarm started beeping. We were moving at a nice sub-10 minute pace and it felt good to move a little faster. It was only a short distance and I opted for the speed over the heart rate training tonight.

Near the end of mile 2, we lost the route outlined on the directions card and realized there weren’t any other runners around us. Luckily we were just down the street from the brewery and knew how to get back. We were a couple hundred yards away from the end of the run when Gary felt a sharp pain from a groin injury during a soccer game a few days earlier. He waved me forward and walked the last stretch. As I passed back into the parking lot, my watch clocked in at 3.1 miles. A perfect 5K distance.

Gary did a little research earlier and told me that the most likely reason for the tendon pain I had been experiencing was because my shoe laces were too tight. I had loosened them considerably on my right shoe before the run tonight and I hadn’t felt any irritation or pain on the tendon that had been bothering me. Funny. Two weeks of pain on my long runs and it was just that my shoe laces were too tight.

We had both been doing a keto diet for the last two weeks but figured one beer wouldn’t do us any harm. We were both anxious to try the beer at Bond Brothers and they had a nice rounded selection of styles. I’m a big fan of sours and ordered their Dryhopped Sorcery, a kettle soured ale with citra and amarillo hops. There was a nice citrus backbone from the hops that melded perfectly with the tartness of the lactic acid. Gary ordered a Stride, an excellent session IPA.

As we were searching for a place to sit down, we ran across several familiar dogs and their owners that we had met at another run club. We couldn’t remember the human’s names, but we did remember our furry friends Billy and Teagan. After saying hello to the dogs and nodding to their humans, we found an empty table and sat down to enjoy our beers. The patio was full of runners and families and couples that were all enjoying the amazing spring weather. There was a raffle for a race entry and some swag and after the last ticket was called many of the runners were ready to call it a night. We finished off our drinks and decided to do the same. I was impressed with the overall organization and how many people were already part of this new run club. I knew we would definitely be back again.





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